Have Trunk Will Travel
Gary & Kari Johnson 

Have Trunk Will Travel is a family of people that truly cares about the well being
of elephants. We are privately funded. The income generated is used to care for the
elephants and provide for their futures.
Dixie, Rosie, Gary, Tai, Kari, Becky, Kitty

The health and welfare of the elephants must be the major concern for any person wishing to work with elephants. Therefore, all our handlers have served a rigorous apprenticeship. They learn proper handling and husbandry, including foot and skin care, transport, and public safety.

Each elephant has a distinctive personality and responds enthusiastically to a familiar face. While each handler is well-acquainted with every elephant, each has his or her own personal favorite, and develops a special relationship of trust and respect. We are very proud of these elephants, and sincerely hope you enjoy seeing and learning from them as much as we do.